Visionen was an organization dedicated to creating and supporting alternative experiences in Wonderland and throughout Denmark. Founded by a group of passionate and driven individuals, Visionen was committed to bringing people together and fostering a sense of community.

At the heart of Visionen’s mission was the belief that the world could be made a better place through the power of collective action and cooperation. As such, the organization was always on the lookout for new initiatives and projects that could help to bring people together and create positive change.

One of the organization’s most ambitious projects was the creation of Wonderland, a post-apocalyptic settlement that was designed to be a beacon of hope and a place where people could come together to rebuild their world.

To achieve this goal, Visionen worked tirelessly to establish partnerships with other organizations and communities, and to engage in a wide range of activities and initiatives that aimed to create a better future for all.

Through its efforts, Visionen helped to create a thriving community in Wonderland, one that was focused on creating a better world and helping others to do the same. And as the organization continued to grow and evolve, it remained committed to its mission of creating a better future for all.

Our values

Initiative: We are committed to fostering creativity and innovation within our organization and encouraging others to do the same. We believe that by encouraging individuals to think creatively and take initiative, we can achieve our vision and make a positive impact in the world.
Community: We are a community of active individuals who value curiosity, creativity, and the joy of creating. We believe that by fostering a sense of community and supporting one another, we can achieve our goals and make a positive impact together.
Dissemination: We are dedicated to sharing our vision, activities, and values with the wider world. We believe that by promoting our organization and its values, we can attract new members and inspire others to join us in our mission.
Responsibility: We take responsibility for the impact of our actions on the world around us. We are committed to working towards a better future and using our activities to communicate the possibility of a better world to others.
Security: The safety of our volunteers and participants is a top priority for us. We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations and ensure that our volunteers are prepared in case of any accidents or emergencies.