A trailerpark LARP event

Best of Alabama

Best of Alabama

Welcome to the Flamingo Springs trailer park.

Here lives a good mix of low-income workers such as the diner waitress and mechanic, side by side with dropout teen moms, Instagram wannabe stars, and the long-term unemployed with no prospect of a new job. Maybe there is also a scruffy Doctors house where one can be treated for STDs, and maybe a Youtuber who does trailer park survival life hacks.

Flamingo Springs is a wonderful sanctuary for residents who do not quite fit into an ordinary American trash park.

The project

Best of Alabama

A Trailerpark LARP


Hooray, we have picked up the moonshine crust, and throw ourselves into holding a feel-good hillbilly trailer trash LARP role play summer 2021. Best of Alabama is held as a weekend role-playing game. Best of Alabama is a game for 18+ where we want an inclusive and fun feel-good atmosphere, without racism, gross sexism, and big fights. The trailer park has invited relatives from near and far, to the big cousin party, with redneck games and line dancing.

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