Hooray, we have picked up the moonshine crust, and throw ourselves into holding a feel-good hillbilly trailer trash LARP role play summer 2021.
Best of Alabama is held as a weekend role-playing game on 13.8.-15.8. 2021, with a game start at kl. 14.
and it could be absolutely amazing if you want to join.

Best of Alabama is a game for 18+ where we want an inclusive and fun feel-good atmosphere, without racism and big fights.
The trailer park has invited relatives from near and far, to the big cousin’s party.
We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to rent Wonderland on Lolland that fits perfectly with our game, so we have plenty of room for pink flamingos and garden gnomes. Mejerivej 5, 4892 Kettinge

It will cost the cheap sum of DKK 300 if you buy a ticket as soon as ticket sales start.
Be aware that the price is rising continuously.
There will be the possibility of a meal arrangement more info later.
There will of course be a moonshine bar, in the best trailer trash style.

If you need a break, you have the opportunity to buy a cup of coffee and a toast in our off-game cafe.
So take your friends as well as your caravan or tent under your arm and come to the Best of Alabama.
Hope to see you at a weekend full of laughs, banjo, moonshine, and Redneck Games.
It is possible to set up from Thursday at 1 p.m.